Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school. I remember the excitement of no more homework or school. It was a scary time as well. Will I be able to keep in touch with my friends? Will they want to play with me? Who lives close enough for me to play with? What am I going to do all summer? When children have a plan and know where all the neighborhood children live, the scary goes away and the excitement returns.

My grandchildren are excited for the summer adventure to begin. Granddaughter age 7 said tonight, “We are having so much fun since grandma came here.” I felt pretty good after she said that. Especially since our adventure has not even begun.

We bought some bags for them to carry their craft boxes in. They have been able to get into their cases and have had fun coloring in their new books with both the colored pencils and the crayons.

We will be heading to the library tomorrow to sign up for the summer reading program. We already have books chosen to check out. We’ll see what else the library has to offer.

They’ve been anxiously awaiting our shopping spree tomorrow. They’ve wanted to put the stickers on their cases, but I’ve asked them to hold off until we bought letters so they can put their names on their cases. Mostly to make it easier for me to sort whose case belongs to which grandchild.

One of the mothers in the neighborhood had a great idea. She invited all the neighborhood children and their moms over after school for ice cream. All the children enjoyed playing together and the moms had a chance to talk. This is a great idea to generate play dates and babysitter trading for the summer. For you working moms, a pizza party, bar-b-que or make your own sundae for desert in the evening could work the same. Just pick that first Friday or Saturday night after school gets out and be the one to start a new neighborhood tradition.

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Kay said...

Chuckled. Not quite related, but you reminded me of our quest for plain (not balsamic) raspberry vinegar.