Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Awana Activities

Awana is finished for the year.  The children have had so much fun this year and all memorized many Bible verses.  If you are looking for something to do with children for a party activity, the last night for doing memory verses was Cocoon Night.  I was a little apprehensive when I sent a note to the main leaders asking what to expect.  The children are wrapping their leaders in toilet paper.  That sounded a little scary.

We had so much fun.  It's one of those nights when your mouth hurts you are spending so much time with a huge smile and laughing.  The best part wasn't my laughter though.  It was listening to the children.  They couldn't stop laughing as they ran around and around us trying to keep their toilet paper from ripping.  The tallest children had the most fun trying to wrap our heads.

Looking from leader to leader, then child to child, there wasn't one person in the room without a smile.  OK, one.  She didn't have any toilet paper left.  I borrowed a roll from someone, unwrapped her a huge streamer and she began running around me, with her smile back.   We figured out if I held out two fingers and they stuck the beginning of their streamer in between my fingers, the wrapping would hold.  All the children were willing to share and the activity didn't take too long.

When it was over the leader asked everyone to pick the toilet paper off the floor and when I left the room there wasn't even a crumb left.  I believe the children had almost as much fun throwing it away as they did in the wrapping.  They didn't have to be asked twice to pick up.  That's about 60 children.

Awana will be back next fall.  Check your local church, they should know where the closest meetings are, if your church does not have their own Awana activity.