Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iowa Rainy Days

Thursday and Friday were Iowa rainy days.  The brief rains I was used to in Colorado wouldn't have stopped us from going out.  Iowa severe thunderstorms were better watched from the windows looking out.  We were still going to make Thursday a fun day.  The girls were able to color on their velvet pictures and work in their summer skills books.  We took a movie break after lunch. 

The rain quit long enough for a trip to the library.  The local library had a craft project prepared so they were able to work on crafts for a while.  Although the girls are beginning to tire of going to the library every day, they had fun and were able to get out of the house.  As I was preparing supper, the girls told me the day had been a fun day even with the rain. 

Friday has been labled "quiet day."  We scheduled a day to stay home and get ready for a fun weekend with parents.  For the girls that meant cleaning their rooms and for grandma, that meant finishing up the laundry.  We did take some time to read books.  All three of us had the opportunity to read; granddaughter age 8 and I a chapter and for granddaughter age 6 an entire book. 

Once the rooms were clean, we tried origami.  The box said age 5 and above.  We started with a jellyfish.  That looked easy enough. I couldn't get past step # 5 which was only about 1/3 of the way through.  Was it because I was too far away from age 5?  I'll use that as my excuse.  I told the girls that sometimes when a person has difficulty with a project, the best thing to do is leave the project overnight and try again the next day.  Our other option is to ask mommy and daddy to take a look.  If they don't have a chance over the weekend, I'll try again on Monday. Since Monday is library day, I told them we could also try to find a book on origami to see if that would help us.  We haven't given up.

Friday night I left to spend the weekend with granddaughter age 10 and grandson age 6.   Shopping it is.

What have you done for fun on a rainy day?


Kay said...

The weather may be a-changing. It rained almost three days here. I bet the City will complain about low water sales.

Lexie M said...

I understand you have been having your share of rain. Granddaughter age 8 keeps asking why there is so much rain, this is June not April showers.