Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Electricity

The day started with the power going off due to one of the many Iowa spring storms.  Granddaughter age 8 and granddaughter age 6 and I watched a movie on my laptop.  Breakfast choice was limited to cereal and a piece of fruit. No poptarts, no toaster waffles.  One of our regular choices, the cereal tasted just fine.  After the movie, we sat near a large window to get what light we could and read until the power came on.  We decided although our choices were limited, we did just fine without electricity and still had a fun day learning what we can and cannot do without electricity.

Getting back to the details from the Blank Park Zoo mentioned in yesterday's post.  I highly recommend getting a membership to the zoo.  With a Blank Park Zoo membership you also have access to over 160 other zoos and aquariums throughout the United States through a reciprocity agreement.  With a zoo membership, we never have to worry about how much time we have to spend while making sure that we see everything.  Each child was able to pick one animal they wanted to see and that was going to be our limit for this trip.  Granddaughter age 10 had brought money from her father to feed the animals, so we started there.

The children were each able to get a cup of food to feed the goats and zebu for $1.00 per child.  There were several kids (baby goats) that the children were able to feed.  Although the goats (adults) were more aggressive by pushing the kids out of the way, attempting to feed the kids kept my grandchildren occupied for quite some time.  One of the staff was carrying a kid for them to pet and by time we were all finished each grandchild had named their favorite kid.  Are you confused yet?  The zebu was a little more intimidating, although everyone eventually shared a little of their food with him.  Another $1.00 to each child for a cup to feed the fish.   After that we went through the Australian section and a quick trip past the big cats and then our day at the zoo ended.  Exhausted, another fun day had passed.

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