Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tornado Warning

This morning started differently then I expected.  Dark clouds began rolling in so I decided to stay home with the girls until the weather cleared up.  My son called to say he was in the middle of a tornado warning and by time the girls got their blankets to sit on in the basement, we were under the sirens as well.  We spent some time in the basement and were thankful that the clouds passed over and soon the sun came out.  We decided the time would pass easier for the girls and help them to keep their mind off what was going on if we would have a  book.  I'm going to choose a book to put in our safe area, add a flashlight, and we will be ready should we have to go into the basement again.

We took a trip to the library to return books and picked up some movies.  We are stopping at the library almost every day, it seems.  That is because there is so much to entertain children at the library.  There is a limit of five movies, so we picked up five and looked forward to a more relaxing afternoon.

The children said they had a fun day, even though the start was a little frightening for them.

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