Friday, June 18, 2010

More Than Books at the Library

Monday we took another trip to the library.  This time we visited the Franklin Avenue Library in Des Moines.  The Franklin Avenue Library is in the process of building a new facility.  After stopping a mailman walking his route nearby, he directed us to the library currently housed in the Merle Hay Mall.

We weren't there searching for books.  Keith West was putting on his Splashtacular Magic Show.  He was quite a success.  All four grandchildren attended: granddaughter age 10, granddaughter age 8, grandson age 6 and granddaughter age 6.  All four had great time.

Keith started by blowing up a big inflated box which everyone batted back and forth like a giant ball.  The children were laughing so hard I couldn't help laughing right along with them.  His illusions were impressive and he had the whole crowd laughing for most of the hour that he performed.  He brought children up from the audience to help him and his assistant.  I enjoyed watching the children as much as I enjoyed watching Keith.  The youngest child was 3 and the oldest 10.  Keith knew how to entertain the crowd  After the show he gave each person a signed photograph.  He sold  magic wands for $2 and a magic kit for $10.  Kieth told the children he got his start by reading as many books as he could on magic tricks.  Remember to check your local library for entertainment other than books.

What are you finding at your local library along with the books?

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