Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blank Park Zoo

A trip to Blank Park Zoo was our fun on this day.  I had a few errands to run first.  When my husband, Don, and I ran errands on a weekday evening or Saturday, we would make a list, he would schedule the quickest route, and off we'd go.  We never had any problems getting it done.  He always carried a book and would read as I ran in and out of those stores that I didn't need him with me.

Running errands with four children is a whole new world.  It took me this day to learn that valuable lesson.  We had a few books to get rid of so I was excited to find Half Price Books.  I needed to stop at the bank, pick up lunch for granddaughter age 10 and grandson age 6.  This shouldn't take too long.

You all know that you can't leave children in the car reading books, so......All four went into the bank with me.  That took a little longer then I had hoped, but we were finally able to complete our business and exit back into the car.  We parked outside the bank so no parking lot to walk through. I think next time we need to take a book to read while standing in line.  Lines can be very boring for four children age 6 to 10.

Then to Half Price Books. This time, we all carefully walked through the parking lot while I carried a box of books.  Then carefully back through the parking lot to get another box of books and carefully back through the parking lot to the store.  Once in the store, the 15 minutes to review the books (they buy used books) took at least 1/2 hour.  The children were each able to pick a book to purchase and a bookmark, which made the delay easier for all.  This trip would not have been a problem at all had we not been on the way to the zoo.

Then a quick trip to the grocery store to get granddaughter age 10 and grandson age 6 a Lunchables.  Of course this included walking carefully across the parking lot with four children and  back again to the car.  Did I say quick trip?  It was the quickest trip of the day, not necessarily a quick trip.   

Finally the zoo.  By this time we had passed the lunch hour and were anxious to see the animals.  As we were walking in with each child carrying his or her lunch in his or her bag, we were met with the sign "No outside food or drink in the zoo".  Since I was used to the Denver Zoo where outside lunches were OK, I was not prepared for this.  We had even chosen where we would eat as we were driving toward the zoo.  We turned around to eat in the car.  I did ask at the entrance where Blank Park was, the place suggested by the zoo that we eat our outside lunch.  I was directed across the parking lot behind the fence.  Not another walk through a parking lot....The car was much more appropriate at this point. 

We had a fun afternoon at the zoo, which I will share with you tomorrow.  Watch future posts to see how we have solved the "running errands on the way to our fun thing to do today" dilemma.  Do you have any ideas for delicious and easy travel lunches for children?

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