Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Evenings

As I look out my windows at the wind blowing the bright red leaves from the trees, the sunlight beckons me outside to sit on the deck.  I remember how many enjoyable afternoons I had with the grandchildren this summer while they were playing at the playground nearby.  Warm summer breezes heightened my pleasure, reminding me that I really was outside and not in the office looking out.  My eyes closed, sun in my face, slight breeze blowing my hair, sure pleasure.

I've already been outside once today.  Picked up a few groceries, dropped off some recycling and hurried home.  I about blew away a couple of times.  With a long sleeve shirt, covered by a sweatshirt, covered by a lined jacket, this was no gentle breeze I felt.  I won't venture outside again until it's time to pick up the girls from school.  I'm chilled just thinking out it.

Although I recently heard we had snow last year in Iowa in October, I'm going to think positive that these 40 mph winds are not blowing in snow.  We still have a few pleasant evenings before it gets dark too fast to enjoy an evening outside.  Last Friday night was one of those pleasant evenings.  When my granddaughter age 6 and granddaughter age 8 got home from school, they went to the playground with a neighborhood friend.  I moved out to the deck to watch and enjoyed a quiet afternoon/evening relaxing outside.  When my son and his wife returned home from work, they made supper while I sat glued to my chair.  They brought supper to the deck and the girls reluctantly joined us.  We had such a pleasant evening, talking and enjoying being outside together.

My charge to you if this wind ever quits, or if you are where the wind is calm, try to spend one more evening outside with your family.  Even if you have to wear a sweater or jacket, pack a picnic supper, find a picnic table, and enjoy.  It will be well worth it.  Enjoy a sunset together and brace yourself for winter.  It's coming.


Kay Theodoratus said...

Yeah. Winter's coming all too soon. Time to squeeze in an extra block on your walks when the wind's calm and the sun shining ... back in CO.

Lexie M said...

We have had some really nice weather, today it is to get to 70. I'm afraid we are going to beat you out with cold and snow people keep telling me...and telling me...and telling me. I'm going to quit running errands if people don't quit commenting on how bad this winter is going to be. I would like to see one of those calm Colorado days though. Seems the wind always blows here.