Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homework, Activities, Halloween

Remember those lazy days of summer when we got up when we wanted, or when the children or grandchildren woke us up.  Oh, for the good old days!  Now the alarm wakes us to make sure baths, showers, breakfast, checking off that list of what needs to make it to school, and then off to school on time.

By mid October we are in the middle of school schedules, fall activities, and the excitement of Halloween.  Have you opened that bag of candy yet.  Oh, maybe just one.  Is there time to replace that bag before Halloween?  How did it empty so fast?

Last weekend we were able to spend some time at Iowa Arboretum.  Granddaughter age 10, grandson age 7, and I enjoyed all the costumes, ate some snacks and had fun with the scavenger hunt trying to find the different scarecrows and answering questions.  We started out slow with them playing a few games, but by time their hayride was over they were excited to look for the next scarecrow.  Each finding a friend, grandson from school, and granddaughter someone new leaving for grandson's soccer practice was not high on their list.

Tonight is a busy night with gymnastics for both and the last soccer game for grandson age 7.  Homework does get finished in between.  Supper is their favorite picnic lunch food. 

So my food for thought for you -- take a few minutes to find a Halloween activity, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and abundant pumpkins.  Don't put off the homework, children need to know that comes first.  Find a sporting activity they love.  Get creative with supper.  Enjoy the time in the car together going from one activity to the next.  Leave the TV off and remember, time spent with children is making memories you both will cherish. 


Kay Theodoratus said...

Boy, you sound busy. But, having fun.

We haven't even bought our Halloween candy yet. Better get it on the list.

waseemfaizi said...

i am going to a halloween party and i dont mind going trick or treating i just didnt really enjoy it as much last year so im not going this year...and you made my point exactly...halloween is for all ages!
Best Regards
Kabari wala
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