Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch or Supper On The Move

I mentioned in an earlier post I was looking for suggestions for lunch during the summer when we were on the road.  With after school activities, we are now not always able to have a sit down supper and are still looking for ideas.  Especially for you parents who work outside the home, it's not always easy to prepare supper and still enjoy your child's activity. 

On busy nights bringing out the favorite picnic food is not only appropriate it can also become a favorite meal and fun sharing time for your children.  We all know the importance of sitting down together for a meal.  One reason this is so important is because you are all able to spend time together.  Eating supper in the car can also allow for that time to be together and talk. 

With just a little preparation, the meal can be just as healthy as the one you serve at home.  Granddaughter age 10 would eat tuna fish sandwiches every day if given the opportunity.  He special supper is tuna fish sandwiches.  The rest of us have a sandwich made with sliced ham, turkey, and swiss cheese.  Microwaved for 15 to 20 minutes to soften the cheese and a healthy sandwich is the result.  Making the sandwiches on wheat bread makes them even healthier.  Chips, potato sticks, or pretzels, along with carrot sticks rounds out the main part of the meal.  Desert is fruit snacks or a banana.  Water is typically the drink of choice just in case it is spilled. 

I usually fix supper before picking up the children from school.  Putting their supper in a special lunch bag helps them with the fun.  Sometimes I put all the lunches in one bag and take turns letting the children pass out the lunch.  Usually they each eat two sandwiches when it is an evening meal.  We still have that time together and the opportunity to talk about the day as we sit in the parking lot of the next activity.  Don't forget the trash bag and the children will be happy to clean up after their meal. 

The children look forward to their special meal when they know we have a busy night.  Instead of reading outloud now that school has begun, we usually work on spelling words as we travel. 

Do you take the time each day to ask, "What is the most special thing that happened to you today that you can share with me?"  Isn't that so much better than, "How was school?"  It doesn't matter where you ask the question, just as long as they know you care about them and their day.

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