Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Days

Yesterday morning was one of those days when my grandchildren ask whether it's winter or summer.  The day starts out early with the weather so chilly a jacket it necessary to get to school.  By time school is over, flip flops are the perfect foot wear when you are 6 or 8.  This morning started out the same, although this afternoon with the temperature expected at 72 degrees flip flops were not appropriate.  I still had one head for school in shorts, although she wore a sweater for her top.  As long as the snow is not blowing, children will not learn until they make their own decisions.  She will be fine and probably quite comfortable at school today. 

Each granddaughter, age 6 or 8 likes to be charged with something to do as we head for school in the morning.  They are excited at the end of the day to give me the results of their charge.  For granddaughter age 6, her charge this morning was to give her teacher the empty paper towel rolls that have been in the bottom of her school bag all week.  Granddaughter age 8 is to think about that one last item she would like to put in the secret pal bag for her Brownie secret pal.  She is also thinking about what she is going to put on the note she will put in the bag. 

This morning while they were eating breakfast I looked over the time tests they completed while I was getting ready for church on Sunday.  Each page had 6 clocks and they were either to put in the time using o'clock or half past, or put the hands on the clock.  Getting a red heart at the top of the page meant when they get home from school they can add on a sticker and put it in the desk for mommy and daddy to ooh and aah over with them later.  Both sets of eyes were glued to the paper as I corrected each one.  Choosing and placing her own sticker at the top of the page is a major part of the fun of completion. 

Yesterday after school, the 6 year old read to me for 28 minutes and then read to her mom while she was making supper.  Now that she can read, she loves to read and would go on all night if we let her.  I enjoy these days when school work is so much fun and the children are not even conscious of how much they are actually retaining.  Coming up with enough to do is the hard part.  Giving them 1/2 hour TV time while eating snack gives them that mental break that I feel they need after getting out of school.

Enjoy these beautiful fall days and the changing colors.  What do you charge your children with each day as you send them off to school?

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