Thursday, October 21, 2010


What do you remember when you were in elementary school? I remember playing with friends, Barbies, riding bikes, and reading.  My first memory of homework is in junior high.  The other night my 10-year-old granddaughter had a particularly difficult night of homework.   I understand from the parents of a 10-year-old in another school system that her daughter's homework is just as heavy.  My granddaughter had several pages of homework and all needed to be completed that day.  One page was a word search.  Word search can be fun, unless it is part of several other pages of homework and searching for those words then become time consuming and frustrating.  In the meantime, there are spelling words to memorize, pages to read, and questions to complete.

The silver lining...She is very proud of her accomplishment when she completes each page of homework, particularly the most time consuming one.  She is learning as she works through each page. By using flash cards I create each week, the spelling words are being memorized.  She is learning to focus on the task at hand.  She is also learning that homework is a priority and is learning the importance we put on her education.

The first thing out of her mouth when we picked her up from school the next night was, "I only have to read tonight!" She did have a babysitting class to attend, so was able to finish her reading after the class.  Her reward for only spelling and reading homework, her choice of activity after.  The choice that won out, basketball with her father and little brother.  The perfect evening in her eyes. 

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