Monday, November 8, 2010


Another Halloween is just a memory.  This is the first year in over ten years I have gone Trick or Treating with grandchildren.  I wanted to just stand and take pictures, but the children were in hurry, on a mission. Beggar's Night in Iowa opens up the Trick or Treating to a night other than Sunday night. With the hours set from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, by 6:15 the neighborhoods were filled with children in as many different costumes as there were children.  While the children ran from house to house, I marveled in the talent of the parents in putting together the costumes. 

I enjoyed the walk and sharing in their excitement.  The decorations on the outside of the homes were as varied as the costumes.  One in  particular, the big hairy monster that sat perfectly still until the children were on the porch, was everyone's favorite, as he waited until the porch was filled with children before moving to handout candy.  After screaming and getting their candy, they were excited to share with us how he had frightened them, but only for a minute before it was off to the wonders of the next house. My grandchildren's reaction to the costumed adults gave me the charge to dress next year.  Better start planning now. 

Fall is such a busy time of the year.  Just when we feel we have the organization of homework figured out, it is time to plan that Halloween costume. My oldest son's birthday follows shortly after that and I loved celebrating with him in person this year. Unfortunately, I did not make his birthday pumpkin pie. I have it all ready to take to bake next time I am with him. Fortunately, the timing does not ruin the taste.

Now, we look forward to Thanksgiving. I have many pictures over the years of children spooning the stuffing into the turkey.  Now the suggestion is being made that it is healthier to bake the stuffing separately.  I try to change as we learn safer ways of doing things.  I'm afraid stuffing the turkey is not going to be one of those changes. 

My late husband did the majority of the cooking for Thanksgiving, the turkey and the gravy.  As difficult as each first has been this year, I will attempt to cook the turkey and make the gravy as we move through one more first without Don. We will start a new tradition this year, although I'm not sure what it will be.  Granddaughters age 6 and 8 will be with their other grandparents.  Wonderful cooks, delicious food will be plentiful for them.  Granddaughter age 10 and grandson age 7 will be with me this year.  What part do your children and grandchildren play that we can carry over to a new tradition for us?  Don and I worked together, whether we were cooking for two or twenty.  This year my grandchildren will be important participants in my kitchen.  I'll just have to wait for your suggestions for my ideas on how they can help.


Kay Theodoratus said...

Unfortunately, I'm getting closer and closer to Christmas baking. I feel like buying everyone a bag of mixed nuts.

Lexie M said...

Thanks for the idea. Great plans more often then not end up with a bog of mixed nuts. I'm going to keep planning although the mixed nuts will definitely be on my list. Believe it or not, I received 3 containers of nuts last year and they were so yummy Don and I tried to make them last as long as we could.