Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I'm sitting on my laptop this Thanksgiving, but I'm not taking away from family time.  With granddaughters age 6 and 8 away visiting their other grandparents, they won't be spending this holiday with us.  I will be with granddaughter age 10 and grandson age 7 at their home.  Their father is out of town due to work.  This morning I asked them whether we should fix the turkey today with just the three of us or wait until tomorrow when their daddy would be home to enjoy Thanksgiving with us.  "Tomorrow with daddy" they both yelled at the same time.  Today, we are having "Thanksgiving Lasagne."  We are enjoying Christmas DVD's while the children have a day off to just play. 

I can imagine many families are doing the same thing with so many working today to take care of the rest of us:  doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, etc. to name just a few.  Unfortunately, too many stores are open to get that jump on Black Friday shopping and their employees are forced to work as well.  Our hearts go out the military families, spending their Thanksgiving with family members too far away to wait an additional day for a Thanksgiving celebration. 

I'm always thankful for family, but this year I'm especially thankful for my family.  Since this is the first Thanksgiving since my husband went home to be with the Lord, I'm really preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.  He was the one who got up early to put the turkey in the oven, preparing the perfect bird.  When it was finished he would prepare the gravy.  Then he would carve the turkey and prepare the leftovers.  I was responsible for the rest.  The easy part. 

This year my son, grandchildren, and I will start new traditions.  Don and I always bought sweet rolls and donuts the day before to have for breakfast Thanksgiving morning.  The first new tradition is Monkey Bread (or pull a part bred) for breakfast.  Granddaughter age 8 and grandson age 7 and I searched the grocery store for the frozen Monkey Bread from Bridgford Foods yesterday.  I bought two just in case my son would not be able to get back; we wouldn't know for sure until this morning.  The children and I had one this morning and will have the second one ready when he wakes up tomorrow.  He is due to arrive sometime during the middle of the night.  Since they are prepared in the microwave, the oven will be free for the turkey.

Another new tradition this year will be that the children will help me cook.  Everything may take longer,  but no matter.  We will not starve and we will be making some great memories and new traditions.  I'll make a list (typically my charge when a large dinner is planned) of what needs to be done to include which items the children can help me with.  Instead of dreading tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it now.  Thank you, Lord, for families. 

Any ideas for new traditions we should try?


Kay Theodoratus said...

A late "Happy Thanksgiving" ... and I hope you didn't get heartburn.

Lexie M said...

Thanks, Kay, the meal was delicious with the children helping and of course they had to pose for pictures during the process. I hope you enjoyed yours as well.