Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

I was planning on skipping my birthday this year and as well behaved as my sons are, they complied with my wishes to ignore my birthday.  Blogging as the grandmother of 6, if you are a regular reader, you will notice I only mention my 4 youngest grandchildren.  I do not live close to my two oldest grandchildren and great grandson.  My sons and daughter-in-law arranged for them to spend the weekend with me as a birthday surprise. 

My sons were running in the Living History Farms Cross Country Race and we were all invited to "carb up" before the race.  One son had to work unexpectedly the night before the race and would have to miss the carb dinner my daughter-in-law was cooking (her delicious homemade spaghetti).  With the table set, we all felt bad when she accidentally included a plate for him, I was led to believe.  Just then the doorbell rang.  I went to get the door, and there was my granddaughter and my great grandson. I was so surprised, I took a double take after greeting her with a simple "Hi", before the hugs and tears came.

After the race, we were getting ready to go the the Leonardo DaVinci exhibit at the Science Center of Iowa, and I was told to go into the living room.  Not realizing until I finally started walking, there sat my other granddaughter and her boyfriend.  Double take again and then the tears and hugs.

The weekend was an incredible gift to have my entire family together.  (My son was able to get back in time for the race and to spend the entire day with us before he headed back to work the following day.) 

We all enjoyed the DaVinci exhibit from the oldest (me) to the youngest (great grandson age 11 months).  If you are looking for something to do as the weather turns cold, don't hesitate to visit those special exhibits at local museums, science centers and art centers.  I wouldn't have thought the younger children would have found as much fascination and enjoyment in the exhibit as they did.  I learned several fascinating facts from the exhibit and a little bit more about what my grandchildren really enjoy.  If you live in the Des Moines area, the DaVinci exhibit will be on display through January 16 and is well worth the visit.

If you are looking for a gift for grandma as you celebrate the holidays, don't forget the most special gift of all, a personal visit or phone call.

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