Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Part of the fun of living in the Midwest is dealing with the spring snow.  Just when you begin to enjoy the warmer weather, the snow starts.  I've been in some pretty big snow storms in South Dakota and Colorado, so I won't be surprised to see another.  A few days ago after a warm weekend, I woke up to snow.  It didn't last long and since I spent most of the day on the road, was able to see the snow turn to rain, and the roads go from slushy to wet to dry.  Watching my 11-year-old granddaughter's softball practice with a winter coat on this evening is just another part of spring.  I heard someone in the store today say that the weather won't turn warm until the robin feels snow three times on it's back. gives us 30 Fresh Ideas for Spring Fun.  I'm looking forward to walking the neighborhood with my grandchildren once the flower gardens begin to show their beauty.  We can start out to see how many different colors we can find. We'll bring some cameras do they can take photos of their favorites.

I think I'll skip the camping in the backyard.  I remember the last time I set up a tent by myself.  I was at Boy Scout Leaders Training Campout in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Don was the Scoutmaster, so stayed in another area of the camp and the boys were with the other scouts in still another area.  I was pretty proud at the time of setting up my tent alone, although any good scout could have done it much faster.  I woke up that morning to the tent covered with snow.  I peaked out of my tent and there was Don walking by.  I didn't feel so much alone then.  It was fun, but now I think camping out in the house is more my style.

Planting a garden will be fun.  I'll probably plant them at the boys' homes, I just need to ask them how much space I'll have to have.  I can then take the children on a shopping trip.  Granddaughter age 8 is growing a cabbage that she got at school.  I'm excited to see how it's grown. 

What are your ideas for a spring activity with children and grandchildren?

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