Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Share Your Grandchildren

This week was spring break.  My 7-year-old granddaughter and 10-year-old granddaughter spent the week with me during the day.  We were excited because the weather last week had been beautiful and we felt like summer was already here.  This week the rain came.  We weren't upset knowing that Iowa needs the rain, we've had such a mild winter.  We planned indoor activities.

Always busy looking for ways to entertain my grandchildren, I had never thought of sharing them with my friends until this week.  One afternoon a friend invited them to her house to make cards with her scrap-booking supplies.  What a surprise we had.  She had made a special snack, put together a little early Easter basket, and had picked out just the right supplies to make a card with cupcakes (a hint of our special snack) and an Easter card.

She had spent the morning putting together the supplies and the girls were able to pick the paper, stamps, ink, stickers, embellishments (the most beautiful little cloth butterflies), and punches (for just the right holes or designs).  I spent the time looking through all of the cards my friend had created while the girls were free to make their own designs.  Their hands were full with treats and cards when they left.  They had a wonderful time and everyone is looking forward to making this a regular activity when summer finally arrives.

A second afternoon we took yarn and knitting needles and headed for a local senior center to learn how to knit with another friend.  I know how to knit, but can't seem to get the process down to teach my 10-year-old granddaughter who is left-handed.  My friend, a very skillful knitter can teach either right or left handed.  She had provided some wood needles which she thought would work perfect for smaller hands.  They spent a pleasant hour working together while I watched and helped my 7-year-old granddaughter with her knitting (she is right-handed).  After the hour, the girls played while my friend taught me how to knit left-handed so hopefully I can help my granddaughter when she gets stuck.  We all had fun and look forward to getting together again when summer finally arrives.

One of my greatest joys is spending time with my grandchildren.  They are mine and I love them.   I never thought they could also bring joy to others who aren't related to them and who aren't blessed with getting to spend as much time with their grandchildren as I am.  Granted, not everyone enjoys spending time with someone else's children, but for those who do, why not think about sharing your grandchildren with them.  We all were blessed by the experience.  My grandchildren had a wonderful time getting spoiled by other adults and learning skills that their parents and I couldn't teach them.  My friends got the joy of sharing their skills with another generation and watching the joy on my granddaughter's faces.  I got to enjoy watching my grandchildren have fun doing something I couldn't  share with them without my friends.  Plus I got to enjoy visiting with my friends at the same time.

 Check out the activities of the local senior center and see if they will allow you to bring your children or grandchildren to learn new skills.  Not every activity is open to children and we are careful not to intrude on a senior fellowship planned activity. Who knows, you might make a new friend in the process.  What friends do you have that you could share your children or grandchildren with?

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