Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Fun

Got into my blog today and learned something interesting.  I'm not perfect.  Of course, I've known that for some time, but proved it today by my one line post.  I think I was attempting to start a post and somehow published it.  Did it raise more questions than answers?

Anyway, yes, my 9-year-old granddaughter is now 10.  You have probably also experienced how much more  difficult it is shopping for grandchildren than it was shopping for that child that you have raised and lived with.  When I lived in Colorado, I'd ask a close friend who had children my grandchildren's age and she would help me to get some good ideas.  Now that I live close, I should know what they want, but it's still hard to find that perfect gift.  I asked my son and he shared with me that his daughter was getting an IPod Touch and a case would be nice.  So I headed for Best Buy looking for just the right case.  I knew her favorite color was gold and thought that would be an easy selection.  I picked up three different choices, putting each one down for something better. They didn't have a gold one. Finally, I just gave up.  Because I wanted it to be perfect, I decided to do something different and let her pick her own.

When I picked her up from school, I told her that we had to take a quick shopping trip.  Knowing that she doesn't like to run errands and it was after all her birthday, I told her where we were going.  I didn't expect the excitement she enjoyed picking out her own case.  A couple of times she whispered from the back seat.  "I can't believe I have an IPod Touch" and then "I can't believe I get to pick out my own case."  I felt a little guilty over not giving her a gift to unwrap, but she couldn't have been happier.  She had almost as much difficulty as I did with all the choices.  She chose the one I would have picked out for myself.  That was fun for me to see how alike our tastes are.

We left the store with her purchase.  Instead of going to my home which we usually do after school, we went straight to her house so she could put her case on her IPod.  She was pretty excited to show her parents when they got home from work.

Her little sister was almost as excited as she was.  My 7-year-old granddaughter turns 8 next month.  She told me that she knew the secret of what her sister was getting for her birthday and was told that if she kept the secret she might get one for her birthday.  She was pretty excited that she was able to keep the secret.  "It was pretty easy, Grandma, I only had to keep the secret for a day. Now, since I kept the secret I might get an IPod Touch, and if I do, I might be able to shop for a cover too."

I just checked the calendar and her birthday is on a school day as well.  Guess I know where we'll be going after school.  Although I'd better check with my son for sure.

What was your favorite birthday gift as a child?


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