Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grandma Mitch Travel Begins

Welcome to my initial post of Grandma Mitch Travel. My journey through Iowa begins in Colorado. People ask why I want to leave the beauty of Colorado to move to Iowa. I believe there is beauty in Iowa yet to be explored. I've given my notice to the corporate world. I've sold my home. I've ordered the moving van. I’m counting down the days.

The beauty isn’t all that is waiting for me. My sons and their families await. Iowa is filled with experiences to share with children. I’m just as excited as my grandchildren to begin exploring.

I looked on line earlier this week to find some small backpacks for my grandchildren to carry their own snacks, drinks, and a small toy. We will be having so much fun! But for now, they are finishing up the school year and I’m finishing my last days at my corporate job.


Kay said...

Hey ... It's important to be close to family. We're lucky one of the kids stayed in Colorado.

Lexie M said...

I agree, no matter how many times they visit from far away it's just not enough.